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Diving in
January 7, 2012, 8:33 pm
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It’s now been one week that we’ve been making a conscious effort, as a family, to eat cleaner and avoid processed foods. So far, so good—aside from far too many trips to the bathroom. Switching to a plant-based diet means loads of fiber, and I’m sure you all know what that means. Also, for drinks this week, we only had water or 2% milk. I plan to incorporate hot tea soon as an afternoon treat.

Regardless, here are the highlights of the week, food-wise:

breakfast: Strawberry, yogurt, and spinach smoothies (couldn’t taste the full cup of spinach in each of our glasses)
lunch: raw veggies with hummus, Greek yogurt with raisins, pretzels
afternoon snack: for the girls, half of a clementine each. David and I avoided a snack.
dinner: Asian tofu chili (all kinds of seasonings with tofu, black beans, tomatoes, and green onions) p.368*

30-minutes-to-eat lunch

breakfast: homemade cranberry muffins (with whole wheat flour). Made these ahead of time and froze them. Thawed for the morning.
lunch: raw veggies with hummus, pretzels, Greek yogurt w/maple syrup, clementine
afternoon snack: David made homemade granola bars w/ dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips
dinner: whole wheat pasta with hearty greens (kale) p. 199*

I must say, having never cooked greens at all, they cook down to a super small size. I had one and a half pounds of kale in that pot. When I first put it all in, it was falling over the sides. After just a few minutes, it looked like the photo. I also have to say that I expected some massive bitter flavor, but the taste was really good, and the greens were still crisp—despite being cooked in boiling water and drizzled with olive oil.

Whole-wheat pasta with hearty greens (red and green kale)

Breakfast: porridge (oatmeal) with maple syrup and fruit p. 274*
raw veggies with hummus, veggie sandwiches (stir fried zucchini and squash slices in olive oil—put onto whole wheat bread smeared with neufchatel cheese spread), clementine
Snack: brown bag popcorn p.38* or homemade granola bars (with dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips)
vegetable and shrimp fried rice p.321*
Dessert: on Friday night, we each had 1/2C of EarthFare’s strawberry ice cream. Ingredients? Milk, cream, sugar, and strawberries. Looked and tasted like homemade (and melted just as quickly!)

Abigail chowing down on a veggie sandwich

Madilyn munching on sauteed squash

Organic yellow popcorn kernels in oil

The popping in action. This was so much fun to make!

Breakfast: whole-wheat pancakes (made homemade baking mix ahead of time—like Bisquick) with 100% maple syrup.
Lunch: raw veggies with hummus, veggie sandwiches (stir fried zucchini and squash slices in olive oil—put onto whole wheat bread smeared with neufchatel cheese spread), pretzels, clementine
our Thurs/Fri dinner was supposed to last, but it didn’t, so I pulled some cooked brown rice out of the freezer and cooked it up with some zucchini, squash, and spinach with soy sauce. Mm!

I must say that today’s dinner was the first meal I’ve ever made on-the-fly without a recipe. Not that it was complex or anything, but regardless, it was my first improvisation ever. Baby steps! We ate it too fast tonight, and I didn’t get a picture, but here’s that sandwich we had for lunch the past few days:

Warm veggie sandwich w/neufchatel cheese spread

Changes we can see and feel so far, food-wise:
1. Within a couple of days of eating clean, my mood improved, and I had more energy to play with the girls
2. Actually being hungry (like stomach-growling hungry) when meal time is approaching. Before this switch, I’d snack myself into oblivion, and when it was “time” to eat, I’d just eat. Hungry or not. Now my stomach is actually communicating with me.
3. End of day 4—loss of the feeling of being overwhelmed in day-to-day tasks
4. My knee-high boots that I used to have to force the zipper up in are fitting comfortably, and bloating is gone.
5. Shock that the girls are eating just about everything put in front of them without a fuss.

Upcoming eating clean, living green goals:
1. Try a new vegetable every week for a while
2. Once our dish detergent and laundry detergent run out, make our own (I’ve seen a few good recipes for both)
3. Use more reusable containers—especially glass ones.

*recipes taken from Mark Bittman’s The Food Matters Cookbook.”


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I’m totally inspired! Hooray for your little ones and their willingness to try new foods!

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