Eating Clean and Living Green

Week 2: learning to experiment
January 15, 2012, 2:27 pm
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I must say, it’s been pretty exciting that after only two weeks of following a more plant-based, whole-foods diet, I’m becoming far more confident in the kitchen (David is too!), and we’ve both begun to experiment with things a smidge. I feel certain our confidence will only continue to grow in the coming weeks and months.

Also, I feel the need to get a nicer camera and take a photography course so I can adequately capture the deliciousness of the food we’re eating. Some of my pictures just look bleh, but trust me, everything is scrumptious!

Breakfast: porridge in a variety of ways (tried with different fruit, one morning with peanut butter and bananas) p.274*
Lunch: we are loving the veggie sandwiches and continued them this week with organic neufchatel cheese spread on whole wheat bread with sauteed and seasoned squash and zucchini slices. Sides, of course, were raw veggies (no hummus, this week), pretzels, and a clementine—once or twice, ants on a log (celery w/peanut butter and raisins)
Snack: homemade granola
Dinner: whole wheat rotini pasta with parsley pesto p.197* and wilted spinach and homemade whole-wheat biscuits (using our homemade, whole-wheat baking mix instead of Bisquick)
Dessert: a serving size (1/2C) of Earth Fare brand strawberry ice cream

My lunch after eating most of my veggie pile. Oops.

Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes from our homemade baking mix with 100% maple syrup
Lunch: raw veggies, clementine, pretzels, and after Wed. night, leftovers from dinner
Snack: homemade granola and brown bag popcorn p.38*
Dinner: asparagus and edamame stir fry with brown rice p.289* A note: in the recipe, Bittman doesn’t specify whether or not the edamame should be shelled. Maybe this is obvious for some, but it wasn’t for me. I didn’t factor in the time it would take to pop all those edamame beans out of the pods/shells/hulls. Whatever you call them! It took a while.
Dessert: ice cream ran out, so David made whole wheat snickerdoodles from scratch with pecans

Asparagus and edamame stir fry

David's creation: whole-wheat pecan snickerdoodles!

America’s favorite breakfast per Kath Eats Real Food
Lunch and snack: same as Wed/Thurs/Friday
Dinner: it was a clean-out-the-pantry night, so we had a stir fry of brown rice, mixed veggies left over from our beginning-of-the-week stash (see my How do you do it? post) and spinach with soy sauce and olive oil. Mm!
Dessert: a serving size (1/2C) of Earth Fare brand strawberry ice cream and some snickerdoodles as mentioned above

"America's Favorite Breakfast" per

Abigail's cereal serving. She loved her "special" bowl

Changes we can see and feel so far, food-wise:
1. Still high on energy, but had some maaad cravings for horrible food. Didn’t indulge, though, until…
2. At a friend’s baby shower, I had a cupcake and a few cookie sandwiches plus punch with Ginger Ale in it, and let me tell you, as delicious as everything was, I was sick the whole next day. My recently cleaned out body seemed to be aghast that I’d even consider putting such stuff back in it. Won’t do that again for a long, long while.
3. My clothes are fitting much better, and I’m more confident in my appearance.

Upcoming eating clean, living green goals:
1. Try a new vegetable/fruit every week for a while—this coming week, we’ll be trying Brussels sprouts and figs
2. Once our dish detergent and laundry detergent run out, make our own (I’ve seen a few good recipes for both)
3. Use more reusable containers—especially glass ones.
4. Any suggestions that you’ve tried before?

*recipes taken from Mark Bittman’s The Food Matters Cookbook.”


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