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So, what’s in my pantry and fridge?
February 2, 2012, 3:19 pm
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I cannot get over the response I’ve gotten from making this blog live. It’s so exciting that others have been inspired to take similar steps for their own families as a result of reading my family’s journey. Keep it up!

Some friends who’ve come by since our change have asked to see in my fridge and pantry just to get a sense of what all I actually have on hand. I’ve gotten a couple of requests from folks I don’t know, via the blog, for pictures, so here’s the rundown, and might I add, I feel oddly exposed showing the food contents of our house. Not sure why. Hope it helps someone out there, though!

We have a side-by-side fridge as seen in the photos below:

On our top two shelves are gallons of whole milk (can’t wait until we can afford organic!), a bottle of wine from a friend, Greek yogurt, fresh Parmesan cheese, loads of beans, leftovers from a previous night’s dinner, and whole wheat bread. And a random lemon slice in a bag. I think it was intended to be thrown down the disposal for a fresh scent burst!

The next shelf has some celery stalks, our fresh chopped veggies for the week, the free pound of chicken we got from Earth Fare, whole wheat tortillas and a thawing bag of cooked kidney beans. The drawer below has random veggies (onion, zucchini, yellow squash) and fresh seasonings (garlic, ginger).

These are our main veggie drawers full of green onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, lots of ears of corn (for a delicious sweet potato and corn chowder we made last night!)

Fridge door. Confession: I was tempted to remove the French’s mustard for this shot, but for the sake of transparency…These are our jams (fig and marionberry right now) and a couple of sauces (sesame seed oil, soy sauce) and another random lemon. Hm. A theme is emerging…

More fridge door. Here we have our sherry cooking wine (thanks, Mandy!), Worcestshire sauce, and some greens (NOT the best choice for a smoothie. The arugula was pretty strong. Whew!). Then the girls have a shelf for their sippy cups complete with a carton of half and half—used for the chowder I mentioned earlier.

Here’s our under-used-at-the-moment freezer. We’ve got a couple bags of frozen broccoli, our Earth Fare ice cream, some bags of frozen cooked beans and lots of bags of cooked brown rice.

We’ve got a fairly small pantry that is sorted by breakfast/lunch on one shelf and dinner/snack on the bottom. At least, that was my initial organizational attempt.

Here we have our Cheerios, honey, and peanut butter for granola bars, homemade goldfish, maple syrup, raisins, and teas. On the bottom shelf is our baking mix (in the stainless steel bowl—the instant dry milk is for that mix too), bulk popping corn, bulk cornmeal (for the chowder), bulk rolled oats, whole wheat pasta, and portioned-out popcorn for snacks.

I didn’t think to include a photo of my baking cabinet with spices and whole wheat flour, etc. Maybe another time! As for now, the girls are about to wake up, and I’ve got to run. Just know that if you only have healthy options at your house, you’ll only eat healthy. It’s true! See you on Sunday with our weekly recap.


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I was actually really excited to see this post because I’ve also been very curious at what you keep on hand! You make a good point that if you don’t have unhealthy food on hand then you can’t eat it. I feel the need to clean out my fridge and pantry now… the chocolate stays though. 😉

Comment by Rebecca

It’s definitely helpful to clean out all the temptations and replace them with healthier treats. It’s a tough transition but totally worth it.

Comment by Sally Ann

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