Eating Clean and Living Green

Fired up…again!
March 11, 2012, 2:55 pm
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Sometimes I get asked how we keep up with this way of eating day in and day out. I first have to be honest and say that we have absolutely slipped and made poor choices (and paid severely for them the next day or two after), but what gets us back on track and encourages us to stay there is all of the research we’ve done and continue to do. I just don’t know how anyone could read the information that’s out there and not get fed up or angry enough to make a change. You can’t unlearn this stuff. More on that in a minute.

*Rolled oats made with organic almond milk and topped with banana, peanut butter, and chia seeds
*Omelets made with organic bacon, cheese, and bell peppers
*Whole-wheat pancakes from our homemade baking mix with 100% maple syrup

Lousy picture, but a delicious omelet made with organic thick-sliced bacon, cheddar cheese, and bell peppers

Daddy's becoming quite skilled at pancake design!

Lunches and Snacks
*Diced raw veggies (carrots, bell peppers, and edamame)
*Neufchatel cheese spread on homemade, real whole-wheat bread p.539*
*Homemade, plain yogurt with raisins
*Homemade granola bars with dried cranberries mixed in
*Clementines, bananas, rice cakes with jam, and organic, unseasoned popcorn from bulk kernels were our snacks

*Pasta with smoky roasted sweet potatoes and bacon p.255*. David and I went nuts over this dish. Such a delicious smoky flavor!
*Chipotle quinoa with corn and black beans p.310*. The combination of flavors and textures in this was really neat. It’d be good served in a tortilla too. I made ours a little too spicy by adding in too much adobo sauce, but I’ll know for next time.
*Asian veggie stir fry with brown rice
*Trough dinner—one night, I forgot to thaw rice and didn’t have time to dice the veggies for the Cassoulet, so the girls got a trough of plain cheerios, dried fruit, and bananas. Obviously not the most balanced dinner, but everything was whole foods!

Delicious pasta dish with sweet potatoes and bacon

Not wanting to pose, but she chowed down on this dish

Daddy couldn't shovel fast enough

This chipotle quinoa was pretty spicy, but the textures and flavors were an amazing blend of yum!

Lots to chop/dice/mince for the Cassoulet

Cassoulet in progress. Let me tell you, this has topped our girls' list of favorites, believe it or not.

I ate out with my parents and brother at a Mongolian stir fry restaurant. Pretty tasty!

*I have a Starbucks card that I’ve registered and am working up to being a Gold card member. Yay! So the occasional brewed treat has been my dessert.

Upcoming eating clean, living green goals:
1. Try a new vegetable/fruit/grain every week for a while—this coming week, we’re trying beet sandwiches and kale chips.
2. Remove dairy from our diet to see the health effects—included in the articles below are several on the gap between dairy’s perceived health benefits and the actual benefits. It’s our feeling right now that cons outweigh the pros. Today was day 1 of dairy-free eating.
3. Once our dish detergent runs out, make our own. I’ve seen a few good recipes for it. Our Great Value box is still holding strong. Maybe another week or two before we make our own.
4. Use more reusable containers—especially glass ones. Waiting for coupons on items or a good sale to stock up on glass containers because they’re expensive!

Articles and Videos of interest
For our kids
Pink slime on school lunch trays School lunches have got to be healthier for kids. This is getting ridiculous
Jamie Oliver talking about our food system and kids He’s of the well-known “Food Revolution.”
Robyn O’Brien’s TED Talk She’s a mom of 4 kids who became a food activist after realizing the additives in the food she fed her children caused one of them to have an allergic reaction. She asks, “How can a child be allergic to food?” If food isn’t actually food at all.

More reasons to stop drinking soda NOW!
What happens to your body when you drink a Coke
8 ways soda fizzles your health
Why soda is bad for you

Some of our research on dairy so far. For the time being, we’re cutting out all cheese, yogurt, and animal milk. Almond milk is our substitute.
Is [animal] milk good for our children?
Don’t drink your milk
Harvard declares dairy NOT part of a healthy diet

*recipes taken from Mark Bittman’s The Food Matters Cookbook.”


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Love your blog! We like soy milk & almond milk. Some people are anti- soy, but it is fine in moderation & has protein unlike almond milk. My favorite is light vanilla (silk soy has a light vanilla & almond breeze has an unsweetened vanilla). I could go on and on about why I don’t drink cow’s milk…

Keep up the great work! Your whole food meals are inspiring!

Comment by Kelly

So glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’d love to hear why you don’t drink cow’s milk as I’m still sorting through the pros and cons (although, I’m not finding too many pros…)

Comment by Sally Ann

I really do want to know more about the cow’s milk thing. You know I love almond milk so so much. I do unsweetened plain in everything because if you don’t the sugars are so high, and you know I love my soy milk at Starbucks! I just don’t love unsweetened plain soy yogurt, and the flavored kinds are so much higher in sugar that I still do cow yogurt. What are your thoughts on goat dairy?

Also, I’m super pumped y’all loved the sweet potato pasta. Sweet potatoes are definitely a top 5 favorite food of mine as long as they are prepared savory and not sweet 🙂

Comment by Sarah A

My very lay-person thinking is that cow and goat milk were meant for baby cows and baby goats just like human breast milk is meant for human babies. Seems a little off to drink the (essentially) breast milk of another animal.

As far as research goes, I keep coming across the fact that our bodies are not able to effectively absorb the calcium in cow’s milk (20-30% absorption rate vs. nearly 70% absorption rate for human breast milk), and we ultimate pee it out after it binds with protein in the milk.

We’ve amped up our bean and dark leafy green consumption to replace any lost calcium from cutting out milk, and that’s going over well so far. I’ll keep you posted!

And yes, the sweet potato pasta was ah-mazing—due in no small part to the smoked paprika. It was my first time using that seasoning, and I loved it!

Comment by Sally Ann

Hey Sally Ann,

I’ve been enjoying reading this new blog, thanks for passing along all of your discoveries!

I was flipping through my Bed, Bath and Beyond ad today and saw these containers on sale and thought of you.


Comment by Hilary

Thanks so much for the link, Hilary! Glad to hear that you’re enjoying my new blog. Pass it along if you feel so led. It’s exciting to get more people on the whole-foods train. Hope you’re doing well!

Comment by Sally Ann

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