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Still going strong
April 21, 2012, 3:47 pm
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Just to clarify, my lapse in posts does not reflect a lapse in our new lifestyle—instead, it reflects a surge of busyness that has all but encompassed me since getting into school and trying to finalize all things in regards to this new chapter in my life. I start classes May 31, and tuition is due May 7, so I’ve been a busy bee (on top of reading three of the four Twilight books in the past three weeks…halfway through the fourth one now).

This blog will absolutely have to take a back seat to school, but I am still documenting our meals and will update as I can.

Please comment/contact me if you want to start on a clean eating/green living journey of your own. I’d love to help in any way!


Unending scallions
April 4, 2012, 7:44 pm
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I don’t even remember where I ran across this fact, but no sooner had I read it than I had to test it out: scallions can be regrown in a glass of water three or four times.

That’s right. Buy some a bunch of organic green onions/scallions, dice the green stalk all the way down to the root (careful to leave at least 2-3″ of root), then stick the roots in a glass of water. I kept mine by a window the first time around, but not the second time—location didn’t seem to make a difference. Check this out:

Day 1

Day 5

What a great way to stretch our dollar out a wee bit more!

Lucky 13
April 1, 2012, 2:05 pm
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We are now 13 weeks into our whole-foods eating journey—or three complete months. I can affirm now that we will absolutely not go back to the way we were eating in the past. We do still have some hang-ups that will have to be addressed at some point (the occasional box of brownie mix and questionable-ingredients-ice cream on the side), but all in all, we’ve made a near total move away from processed foods. It feels so, so good!

It’s been two weeks since my last meal recap because we’re sort of gotten into a routine with breakfast and lunch. Our dinners are where we really switch things up and try a couple of new dishes every week (haven’t repeated a dinner other than veggie stir fry since January 1!). Every now and then, we’ll try something different for breakfast, but for the most part, it’s rolled oats with various items mixed inside or placed on top or muffins or whole-wheat pancakes. All delicious, and for our family, it’s enough variety—at least for now.

Out of a need for ease and convenience, lunch is exactly the same every single day. David and I love the predictability, and the girls seem to appreciate it too.

*(Almost) Vegan cranberry muffins
*Rolled oats made with organic almond milk and topped with banana, ground flax seed, peanut butter, and chia seeds
*Same as above, but for a topping, David blended up frozen mixed berries into a puree and mixed that in the oats, then topped with banana.
*Oatmeal-cakes/fritters. David got creative and made these oatmeal cakes which we topped with jam. They were sort of like pancakes with granola mixed in. An interesting twist on our traditional breakfast.
*Pancakes and eggs from IHOP (we woke up and were totally—and I mean totally—out of breakfast food. Oops)
*Sweet potato pancakes from Tupelo Honey Cafe

Oatmeal-cakes/fritters before jam application

Madilyn gets really excited when we bring food to the table.

Lunches and Snacks
*When the girls were spending the weekend at my parents’ house, we ate a lunch out at Roly Poly. Mm!
*Diced raw veggies (carrots, bell peppers, and edamame)
*Roasted red-pepper hummus and/or leftover cashew-spinach pesto on real whole-wheat bread p.539*
*Homemade granola bars with dried cranberries and raisins mixed in
*Kale chips (I tore the kale into small pieces, coated with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and baked for 7-10 min. at 350)
*Smoothies (blended frozen strawberries, a fresh banana, tons of spinach and kale, and water)
*Clementines, bananas, and organic, unseasoned popcorn from bulk kernels were our snacks.

*Again, while the girls were out of town with my parents, we ate out at 131 Main one night before watching The Hunger Games.
*Beet sandwiches p.83* with kale chips and baked potatoes (baked organic spuds with salt and pepper)
*Asian veggie stir-fry (2C of cooked brown rice thawed from my bulk stash in the freezer put in a skillet stir-fried with olive oil, soy sauce, and loads of our lunch veggies + some leftover frozen corn this time around)
*Green gumbo with potatoes and zucchini p.126* This was really tasty, but the lackluster apperance got to me a bit.
*Carrot Apple Ginger soup with apple chips (just baked apple slices w/cinnamon on top) and homemade whole-wheat baguettes—variation of p.539*. Rolled dough into long baguette-style rolls, brushed with olive oil and baked.
*Quinoa Tabbouleh p.164* The radishes in this dish were the peppery stars, and the texture was just amazing. Yum!

Green gumbo with potatoes and zucchini over brown rice

Bowl 'o' gumbo

Carrot, apple, ginger soup with homemade whole wheat baguette

Quinoa tabbouleh

Quinoa tabbouleh

*I’m now a Gold member at Starbucks which, as cool as that is, means I’m spending too much money there! I’m really going to try the hot tea and honey this week. I promise!

Upcoming eating clean, living green goals:
1. Try a new vegetable/fruit/grain every week for a while—so, the dandelion greens were impossible to find outside of picking them in a field. Oh well. This week, we’ll be experimenting a bit with broccoli—roasting it and mixing with pasta.
2. Remove dairy from our diet to see the health effects—After three weeks of dairy-free living for the girls and limited dairy intake for us, we’re decided to stick with totally avoiding cow’s milk but eating other dairy products in moderation if the opportunity presents itself. Our budget certainly doesn’t want us to start buying yogurt (or whole milk to make it) and cheese right now, but if someone else offers it, we won’t say “no.”
3. Once our shampoo and conditioner and other toiletries run out, start making our own. A friend of mine has had great success making her own hair products, lotion, blush, foundation, face wash, etc from really simple ingredients. Excited to try!
4. Use more reusable containers—especially glass ones. Thanks to a tip from one of my blog readers and an emailed coupon, I bought a set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond last week. Yay!

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*recipes taken from Mark Bittman’s The Food Matters Cookbook.”