Eating Clean and Living Green

the JOURNEY continues…
June 6, 2012, 5:35 am
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Thanks to all who have continued viewing our family’s blog since the last post in April.  Quite a bit has changed for us and we just want to give you a quick update.

First and foremost, that I have now officially started grad school full-time as of last Thursday.  Now being one week in, we see that it’s going to consume much more of my time than previously thought. While the first few weeks have been an adjustment as I transitioned into a regular study schedule, they have gone very well.

Secondly, through consistent prayer and the support of close friends and family, David (my husband) will halt all career opportunities to accept the challenge of stay at home fatherhood to our two beautiful girls.  To say that God has come through miraculously is an understatement! It has been as much a time of transition for David since my last post as it has been for me.  His support and encouragement has been amazing.  In his own words, it’s God working through him, not his own effort.

Finally, David will be taking over the consistent updates to this blog.  He even wrote this first post!

– – – – – –

Now that you all know the true author, I (David) can only hope to maintain the same level of outstanding viewership which Sally Ann garnered.  I know I have a large void to fill and will commit my best to updating all of you on our new “WHOLE” life as it continues to be redefined and redirected from conventional cultural eating and lifestyle beliefs to one more attuned with mutual respect of the environment and the world in which we live.  Just a note – we’re not growing dreadlocks! That is to say, we believe that TRUE knowledge and experiences have the ability to produce life-changing results when your life is appropriately affected (more on that in the coming posts).  For now, stay tuned as the Eating Clean and Living Green journey continues…


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