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Just “BAG IT”
June 9, 2012, 7:24 pm
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I’m going to start and end this post with a question.

Can you remember how you got introduced to the “green” lifestyle (eating, cleaning, living, energy, whatever)?

For our family, documentaries have played a large part of our questioning societal norms when it comes to clean eating and living.  Whether Food Inc., FRESH, Waiting for Superman, and so on, we want to pursue the best without doing what we’ve always done.  As we continually reassess what’s best for our daughters and how we as parents appropriately weigh the pros and cons of our decisions, to provide a lifestyle for them that’s better than we may have had.  Note that I do realize I’m not saying anything new for the majority of parents out there.  In fact, I know that there are many more people out there far more eloquent than I on any number of topics which is why we view documentaries.  To see a new perspective, gain new insight and decide for ourselves what we deem most important as a family.  To educate ourselves in order to teach a younger generation.

Now that the intro’s been set, let’s get to the real post!

The most recent documentary shared with us by close friends is “Bag It – Is your life too plastic?” 50,000 foot intro is that it’s a documentary about the use and side effects of plastics in our everyday lives.  Don’t fret – I don’t believe in spoilers.  You’ll have to watch it for yourself.

We’ve been attempting to live a greener life by using reusable bags, making our own cleaning products, changing the way we eat, and others.  But after watching the film, we’ve modified our green living plan a bit and better defined our NO plastic commitment. So here it is,

  1. ALWAYS use reusable bags for groceries – This includes refusing the plastic produce bags
  2. Buy BULK items in our own containers.  If we don’t take our own container, don’t buy it!
  3. Use glass or metal water bottles and cups, never disposables
  4. Use our own containers when eating out (i.e. ice cream, coffee, date night leftovers, etc.)

As more long term goals to shoot for…

  1. Compost ALL food scraps instead of putting in trash bags
  2. Replace all plastic storage containers and bags with glass or metal
  3. Buy milk in glass containers
  4. Buy local meat and produce at the source in our own bags

So we’re committing to just “BAG IT”.  Now it’s your turn, so go watch the film and decide for yourself.

“Is your life too plastic?”


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So excited you’re taking over the blog, David! We started buying the glass bottle milk at Earthfare. It’s more expensive, but we like the containers AND I did some crazy milk research (called different grocery stores to ask about where their milk actually came from, then talked to the Homestead Creamery people and got a great feeling about them). So far, the Homestead Creamery milk at EF is great– it tastes SO MUCH better than any other milk we’ve been buying, plus we return the empty bottles for refunds when we go shopping each week.

Comment by Sarah

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